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study bays me – Holidays can be a great time to explore the mysteries of nature.

Man has 650 muscles that are working to ensure that the body can function efficiently, that is to well: see, hear, receive sensory stimuli and tactile, keep your balance, and perform these movements are simple and the more complex, up to a high coordination of many precise movements inclusive. The result: as above plus a disturbance of sensory integration (currently observed in children en masse). 4. The eyes are extremely operated (PC + instruction + TV and visual stimuli attack on all sides). We observe the phenomenon of functional fixation resulting from the lack of movement in the eyes of the full field of view. Children feel tired reading and temporal headaches. 5. Children are malnourished, though overfed! Sugar consumption in Poland for 1 person is 40 kg.

For example. In Finland, 14 kg, and the doctors there already raise it as a social problem calling for taxation of sweets! The effect of diabetes in children, hypertension, allergic diseases. While in Poland magnetozjolodzy results show an alarming lack of magnesium in the diet of children, in turn calling for the introduction of the “supply of magnesium” on the model of the “glass of milk”. Magnesium deficiency is the lack of energy, immune suppression, depression, memory impairment.

6. A sedentary lifestyle and sitting in the pews and carrying heavy schoolbags affect the curvature of the spine. The spine is the foundation upon which keeps the whole human body. Any disruption of the anatomical axis causes a number of physical consequences, affects the breathing, heart and many others. 7. Breathing – the basic process of obtaining a biologically useful energy. You know, without breathing there is no life.

Children breathe too shallowly. Niewywietrzonych actually staying in the rooms. The lack of oxygen induces a state of physiological stress of the entire application, the “system”, which is preparing the body for action “fight or flight”. 8. Excessive stimulation, which continued about stress – flickering screens and lifestyle (pace, excessive stimulus) induces physiological state of stress; triggers the body’s “fight or flee” with all its consequences, namely: ejection of adrenaline and cortisone, raise the level of sugar, shortening and tension of the back muscles, arms and legs, to gather energy and strength to fight or flee. In a situation of stress – figuratively speaking, the body switches to survival, physical defense and intensively supports the authorities to this effect. There intensively flowing blood with oxygen. Other features are “temporarily” switched off; eg. less dokrwione are front lobes of the brain responsible for intellectual activities and higher mental processes; because in this situation you are simply not needed.

Nieodreagowanie this state, eg. Through physical activity causes the body of the child (person) solidifies as it were, stiffens, and part bodies are permanently oxygenated. 9. The noise – the range encountered in the environment sound level is relatively large, from the thresholds, ie. The 0 dB (the hearing threshold) to a value causing the physical sensation of pain – 130 dB (limit of pain). With values ​​higher than 65 dB occurs pronounced growth conditions irritation and emotional stress (stress response appears). Noise affects the functioning of the circulatory system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system, endocrine system and the nervous system.

Noise while watching TV or video games ranges from 80 to 100 dB; this level reaches a noise interval average school. If the school is to support the normal development of children, to take care of their mental hygiene should be deliberately introduced a broad education in this field, and model the correct behavior at school. It’s time to start protecting life at school. (Note about the author: Margaret Taraszkiewicz: Educational Psychologist, trainer, member of the Educational XXI, member of the e-Editor Edunews.pl) The school also has a soul. Not everyone believes in it, not everyone wants to feel it, and not everyone knows that in order to hear it, you have to stop. What is needed is silence. And our schools often like machines, they want to be more productive.

It has to be more and faster. Regardless of the cost of emotional, mental or physical. Students and teachers are not machines that can operate with impunity, and only from time to time to do their review. If you want performance, you can do so just as it happened in the Chinese factory in Dongguan – 90 percent of employees was replaced by robots. Productivity increased by 250 percent!

Also significantly decreased the percentage of errors during production. If the school focuses on catching gaps and errors, and does not refer to the power and potential of individual students, it simply treats them as machines to be more productive. And the people – says Stephen Covey – to be in achieving their goals, dreams and daily plans in the implementation of mainly effective. Psychologists point out that man operates in four dimensions: intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual. In order to be effective must ensure a balance between all areas of human activity. In school it is neither so obvious nor simple. Without personal spiritual strength is difficult to achieve peace of mind, have a successful emotional life, realize their own, fully conscious dreams.

This is his strength allows us to operate effectively and achieve the goals in accordance with our desires. If the soul is the essence of who man is and refers to who we are, is the soul of the school is the essence of what it is and can be a school. It is widely understood sense of awareness. The desire for harmony, order and common values. But also a sense of community with others, the responsibility, love, openness, spontaneity and acceptance of what life brings.

The soul of the school is the development of creative self-improvement, inner freedom, the action resulting in self motivation. This opposition to evil, injustice and violence. That means respect for others, kindness, tolerance and understanding. The existence of the soul and school great importance for self-development evidenced by those who in their work are not guided only by performance indicators, but love, reflection, care, concentration, peace and joy from what they do. “I believe that each of us is born with a sense of purpose. We are here to leave a better world than the one condition in which we found it,” – says Showkat Badat, director of the ESSA Academy in Bolton in Manchester. This school, which is understood what spirituality is and the true success, not blindly pursue social expectations or needs of the created artificially.

School in Bolton, Piątkowska in Poznan School in Little rad or 130 Primary School in Lodz have a soul and care about her! They help each student discover his dream and create conditions for the development of personal talents. The school with the soul has a mission and a task for the whole school community. And this is not just a promise, but everyday life in which everyone develops what constitutes its strength. Something that makes even the hardest work, arduous workouts, exercises are treated not as a burden, but the joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Each of us certainly experienced feelings when engrossed in something really important, or does not feel the passage of time, hunger, or fatigue, but the excitement and tremendous energy. Soul School is not expressed only in the culture of the organization, the daily rituals and ceremonies, but in the deep understanding that spirituality is just as important as intellect. Do not just focus on results and rankings, tests or exams. It is not enough to take care of the body, that was smooth. Because, paradoxically, it will be healthy when really take care of the soul. You should care about the environment in which emotions and spirituality are as important as other areas of human functioning.

Only then can we feel truly safe, loved, respected and fulfilled. In developing harmony in contact with art, contemplating the beauty created by man and nature. So little space in our schools devote to music, visual arts, dance and singing classes. But the holistic approach expresses the soul school – in faith, in the sense of what we do, we think and say – the human need for continuous development. Spiritual space school builds presence of true art. Music, painting, architecture is a pure form of the human spirit. In this lies not only the power, but above all it means to the development of human consciousness.

That’s why so few schools manage to achieve harmony between what is declared and what happens in them really. Soul School is the internal energy of students, teachers, parents, the strength and power of each of them, which allows to take bold challenges and achieve more and more goals. Tom Chappell in his book “The soul of business” does not believe in either systems or procedures in soulless. Hopes in people, in their creativity and potential of personal habits and character traits. Similarly, David Tuochy in “Soul School” focuses on the potential opportunities in the dormant teachers and students.

What builds their strength? What a caring soul manifests school? It is faith in other people and in its almost unlimited potential. Faith, which must be fed every good word, joy, acceptance and respect – a good example. What weakens the strength of spirit today, schools, but also the spirit of each of us is the lack of internal discipline, consistency, and the consciousness of dreams.

Authentic answer to the question – who we are, what we do and understand the meaning of our daily activities. Weakens the strength of the spirit of the lack of adherence to promises made to others, but first of all themselves. why isn’t essay writer working It kills our soul no presence in the school space to soak up the silence, authentic reflection, a space for contemplation and admiration of the world and the uniqueness of each of us. The soul needs a place and time to be able to listen to our desires and hear answers to the question about the most important things. Awareness of the need in each of us the world more friendly and inspiring to take a really big challenges. It all builds our personal strength, strength of spirit. Then comes the individual development, taking responsibility for their own learning and the desire to work at the highest level of our capabilities.

Then they form appropriate relationships and developing effective communication. (Note about the author Witold Kołodziejczyk is a member of the e-Editor Edunews.pl, an expert at the Center for Analytic Think Tank, the creator of an innovative school – Collegium Futurum in Slupsk, blog authoring Education leads the future). Literature: David Tuochy, Soul school. About what promotes change and development – this unconventional approach the problems of schools, focusing on the potential slumbering in the teachers and students, factors of its development. [PWN 2002] Tom Chappell, Soul business – author instead recognize their faith and hope in the systems and procedures, indicates how putting one of faith and hope in people results in an increase in their effectiveness … [Studio Emka 1998] Francis Potulski, school must have soul – needed teachers are also aware of their mission, as well as directors, whose authority stems from the knowledge and devotion to the school and not only formal discipline and power. [Baltic newspaper, 14.01.2017] / ** / jQuery (document) .ready (function ($) {jac_init ();}); var JACommentConfig = {jac_base_url: ‘/ component / jacomment /’ SITEURL: ‘/ component / jacomment /? tmpl = component & view = comments’, minLengthComment:’ 10 ‘, errorMinLength:’ Your comment is too short. ‘, maxLengthComment’ 5000 ‘, errorMaxLength:’ Your comment is too long. ‘isEnableAutoexpanding:’ 1 ‘, dateASC’ recent comments at the top ‘, dateDESC’ Latest comment in bottom ‘, votedASC:’ Most voted on top ‘, votedDESC’ Most voted in bottom ‘, strLogin:’ Login ‘, isEnableBBCode:’ 1 ‘, isEnableCharacterCounter:’ 0 ‘, isEnableLocationDetection:’ 0 ‘, commentFormPosition:’ 1 ‘, hdCurrentComment: 0, contentoption’ com_content ‘ContentID’ 3759 ‘, commenttype:’ 1 ‘, jacomentUrl’ https://www.edunews.pl/system-edukacji/szkoly/3759-sila-ducha ‘contenttitle:’ The strength of the spirit ‘, hidInputComment:’ You must input comment. ‘hidInputWordInComment:’ The words are too long should you add more spaces between them ‘, hidEndEditText:’ Please exit spell check before Submitting comment ‘, hidInputName:’ You must input name ‘, hidInputEmail:’ You must input email ‘, hidValidEmail:’ Your email is invalid ‘, hidAgreeToAbide:’ You must agree that abide by the website rules ‘hidInputCaptcha:’ You must input the captcha ‘, textQuoting’ Quoting ‘textQuote’ Quote ‘, textPosting’ Posting ‘, textReply:’ Reply comment ‘, textCheckSpelling:’ No writing errors ‘mesExpandForm’ (+) is a Click Expand ‘mesCollapseForm’ (-) Click to Collapse ‘theme’ default ‘, txtCopiedDecode’ Copied DCode ‘}; / ** / / ** / / ** // ** / / ** / / ** / / ** / / ** / function open_youtube (id) {jacCreatForm ( ‘open_youtube’, id, 400,200,0, 0, ‘Embed a YouTube video’, 0, ‘Embed video’); } / ** / / ** / window.addEvent ( “load” function () {var url = window.location.hash; c_url = url.split ( ‘#’); d = 0; tmp = 0; if (c_url.length> = 1) {for (i = 1; i -1) {tmp = c_url [i]. split ( ‘:’) [1]; if (tmp! = “”) {id = parseInt (tmp, 10);}}}} url = “? tmpl = component & option = com_jacomment & view = comments & contentoption = com_content & ContentID = 3759 & wound = 557142817” ; if (d! = 0) {url + = “& currentCommentID =” + id;} var req = new Request ({method: ‘get’, uRL url onComplete: function (text) {$ jacJQuery = jQuery; $ jacJQuery ( ‘# Jac-wrapper’). html ($ jacJQuery ( ‘# Jac-wrapper’). html () + text); moveBackground (id ‘https://edunews.pl/’); jac_auto_expand_textarea (); jacJQuery $ ( ‘# jac-wrapper-.conversation avatar’). tooltip (); jacJQuery $ ( ‘# jac-wrapper and #jacTab: last’). it ( ‘shown’, f unction (e) {displayVotedComments ( ‘com_content’, ‘3759’); }); }}.) Send (); }); / ** / During the holiday travel very often we commune with nature, fleeing from the cities (and computers). And then most often it turns out, how little we know about the nature that surrounds us and how many interesting she is hiding from us. Holidays can be a great time to explore the mysteries of nature. The first episode will devote camouflaged animals.

During the war, soldiers use protective coloration to hide from the eyes of the enemy. Animals also use camouflage or to mask that he could not see their potential predator or prey. People learn camouflage, while the animals are the features of appearance or behavior that arose as a result of millions of years of evolution. The animals used for masking the coloration is generally adequate, but the shape of the body and the positions adopted or not is irrelevant. Most of the creatures camouflage can blend with the surroundings, while bright colors of some species can also be a form of camouflage consisting in imitating the appearance of other animals (prey or poisonous).

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