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Benefits of ginger

Ginger has been used for thousands of years to treat many ailments, including nausea, digestion, and fighting inflammation.  Here, we take a look at the benefits of ginger in various studies. 

Fighting inflammation

A study in 2011 showed a small amount of ginger per day protected against DNA strand breaks. They also found that ginger reduced all of the three inflammatory biomarkers tested. Ginger showed protective capacity in both oxidative protection and inflammation measures. 


Helping with weight loss

A 2018 review looked at the effects of ginger intake on weight loss among overweight and obese subjects. 

14 studies were included in their meta analysis. Their results indicated that supplementation with ginger significantly decreased body weight, waist to hip ratio, hip ratio, fasting glucose and insulin resistance index and significantly increased HDL-cholesterol levels (the good cholesterol). 


Reducing muscle pain

A study in 2010 examined the effects of ginger supplementation on muscle pain caused by eccentric exercise. Participants performed 18 eccentric actions of the elbow flexors to induce pain and inflammation. Results showed a 25% decrease in muscle pain. 



Researchers compared ginger to a leading migraine drug in the treatment of the common migraine. They found that the effectiveness of ginger powder was statistically comparable to Sumatriptan. Noting that ginger also has a better side effect profile than the drug.  


Menstrual cramps

A clinical trial looked into the effect of ginger for relieving menstrual cramps.  Those who took the ginger supplements showed a drop in pain from a 7/10 to a 5/10. The placebo group showed no change. The  women who took the ginger supplements said the change in symptoms were “much better” (42.6%).  Studies also showed that the duration of pain was significantly decreased down from 19 to 15 hours. 



Studies exploring ginger as an effective treatment for arthritis have been a mixed bag. More research is needed.

Studies have shown a significant pain reduction and reduction in disability.  


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