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Man has 650 muscles that are working to ensure that the body can function efficiently, that is to well: see, hear, receive sensory stimuli and tactile, keep your balance, and perform these movements are simple and the more complex, up to a high coordination of many precise movements inclusive. The result: as above plus a disturbance of sensory integration (currently observed in children en masse). 4. The eyes are extremely operated (PC + instruction + TV and visual stimuli attack on all sides). We observe the phenomenon of functional fixation resulting from the lack of movement in the eyes of the full field of view. Children feel tired reading and temporal headaches. 5. Children are malnourished, though overfed! Sugar consumption in Poland for 1 person is 40 kg.

For example. In Finland, 14 kg, and the doctors there already raise it as a social problem calling for taxation of sweets! The effect of diabetes in children, hypertension, allergic diseases. While in Poland magnetozjolodzy results show an alarming lack of magnesium in the diet of children, in turn calling for the introduction of the “supply of magnesium” on the model of the “glass of milk”. Magnesium deficiency is the lack of energy, immune suppression, depression, memory impairment.

6. A sedentary lifestyle and sitting in the pews and carrying heavy schoolbags affect the curvature of the spine. The spine is the foundation upon which keeps the whole human body. Any disruption of the anatomical axis causes a number of physical consequences, affects the breathing, heart and many others. 7. (more…)

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