The beginning

Zip & Zing Juices was formed in 2016. 

We started selling organic smoothies and fresh and raw juices at Borough Market.

My fascination with juicing started 20 years ago after I was diagnosed with Post Viral Syndrome which debilitated my health to a point where I couldn’t walk 100 meters.  Doctors told me there was no cure so I sought advice from a Nutritional Therapist.  I was advised to buy a juicer and drink two green juices every day. After 9 months of juicing and a few minor tweaks to my diet, I regained my health and energy. 

Since then I have been fascinated by juicing, creating new recipes and studying how plants can help heal the body. 

Our aim is to improve the health of all our customers. 

Love your body!  Stay Juicy! 

Antony – founder of Zip & Zing Juices

raves, festivals, events

We love to provide organic smoothies and fresh and raw juices at events and festivals around London.  We have been selling our drinks at Morning Gloryville, a sober rave in London, for over five years.  

We also cater for various corporate events and festivals across London. 


juicing 121

We offer 121 consultations to help improve your health with superfood plants and healthy juices and smoothies.  We look at your diet and lifestyle and give you a plan to get you to your juiciest self.  

Juice Cleanse

We offer organic juice cleanses (delivered across London). 

Kind words

love your body

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